Rented accommodation in Coventry

Five Star Property!

The house should soon be rated as a five star property with reference to the council's accreditation scheme.  It is also highly energy efficient, with double glazing and energy saving lighbulbs throughout, insulated loft and a modern condensing boiler as part of the gas fired central heating system.  The property has been recently decorated and boasts modern conveniences such as waterfall mixer taps and thermodynamic mixer showers.

42" LCD TV!

Virgin Media phone, internet and digital TV!

Great Housemates!

Only friendly, considerate, tidy housemates are chosen to live here.



Has lived here since she bought the place ten years ago.

Teaches Maths and construction at the local college to those who need additional support.

Enjoys playing the guitar.



Has lived here since May 2010.

Works as an engineer.

Enjoys playing the guitar.



Has lived here since April 2011.

Works as an engineer.

Enjoys keeping fit.



Has lived here since February 2010.

Works as an electrician.

Enjoys socialising with friends.


Anti-discrimination Policy


Anyone is welcome here provided they are kind, considerate and tidy. If you feel uncomfortable living with people of a different race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation then please do not apply to live here. Discrimination against such people will not be tolerated.